Boesh - Profile,  Team & Projects

Boesh - Profile, Team & Projects

Boesh Engineering and Testing was founded in 1998 by Nate and Colleen Boeshans. They remain on the executive team to this day with a combined total of 54 years in materials testing.

We specialize in consulting and testing asphalt, concretes and aggregates for highway, airports, and other construction projects. Our team is equipped with expert engineers, project managers, and technicians who work together to accomplish a high quality project.

Boesh Engineering and Testing

Staff & Owners

Each team member of Boesh Engineering and Testing brings a rich background of experience to your projects. Our highly trained and skilled staff members are certified technicians and have all the experience required.

  • President- Colleen Boeshans
  • Vice President- Nate Boeshans P.E.


  • Baker Airport
  • Worland East
  • Hardin Airport
  • Shelby Airport
  • Sidney Airport
  • Glendive Airport
  • Glasgow Airport
  • Ralston North Highway